v. n.
Ripen, mature.
Suppurate, matter.

New dictionary of synonyms. 2014.


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  • Maturate — Mat u*rate, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Maturated}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Maturating}.] [L. maturatus, p. p. of maturare to make ripe, fr. maturus ripe, mature. See {Mature}, v. & a.] 1. To bring to ripeness or maturity; to ripen. [1913 Webster] A tree may… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Maturate — Mat u*rate, v. i. To ripen; to become mature; specifically, to suppurate. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • maturate — index conclude (complete), mature, progress Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • maturate — (v.) 1540s, back formation from MATURATION (Cf. maturation). Related: Maturated; maturating …   Etymology dictionary

  • maturate — [mach′ə rāt΄] vi. maturated, maturating [< L maturatus, pp. of maturare, to ripen < maturus, MATURE] 1. to suppurate; discharge pus 2. to ripen; mature maturative [mach′ə rāt΄iv; mə toor′ə tiv, mətyoor′ə tiv] adj …   English World dictionary

  • maturate — subręsti statusas T sritis augalininkystė apibrėžtis Pasidaryti tinkamam naudoti, vartoti. atitikmenys: angl. maturate; ripen rus. поспеть; созреть …   Žemės ūkio augalų selekcijos ir sėklininkystės terminų žodynas

  • maturate — verb ( rated; rating) Date: 1622 mature …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • maturate — maturative /meuh choor euh tiv, mach euh ray /, adj. /mach euh rayt /, v.i., maturated, maturating. 1. Pathol. to suppurate. 2. to mature. [1535 45; < L maturatus, ptp. of maturare to grow ripe, bring to maturity. See MATURE, ATE1] * * * …   Universalium

  • maturate — verb a) To mature b) to achieve suppuration …   Wiktionary

  • maturate — To suppurate. [L. maturo, pp. atus, to make ripe, fr. maturus, ripe] * * * mat·u·rate mach ə .rāt vb, rat·ed; rat·ing MATURE * * * mat·u·rate (machґu rāt) mature (def. 1) …   Medical dictionary

  • maturate — (Roget s Thesaurus II) verb To bring or come to full development: age, develop, grow, mature, mellow, ripen. See YOUTH …   English dictionary for students

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